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Free Introduction to Yoga
Free first class
Join us for a 90-minutes free class, no booking needed

You are new to yoga and curious to discover its benefits? Or are you an
experienced yoga practitioner coming for the first time to the Sivananda Yoga
Vedanta Centre?

We invite you for any 90-minutes class in the yoga drop-in schedule free
of charge. Click here for the class schedule



Open House
Saturdays, 1.30pm – 7.45pm

Free of charge. Enjoy a whole afternoon of discovering Yoga.

January 9 *, April 2* and May 7
1.30pm Introduction to yoga and demonstration postures
2.30 pm Trial class
4.15 pm Introduction to meditation, information about yoga vacations and Yoga Teachers’ Training Courses
5 pm Snack
6 pm Group meditation with mantra chanting
10 % reduction on Level 1 - 4 courses and class cards


* During the New Year festival on January 9 and the Inauguration Festival on April 2: 20 % reduction on level 1 - 4 courses and class cards.  

New Year Yoga Festival       Saturday 9 January

20% reduction on level 1 - 4 courses and class cards.

January 9 from 12.30 – 7.45pm
1:30pm Talk 'Yoga: inspiration for daily life' and demonstration postures
2:30pm Trial class for newcomers to yoga 

Workshop: ‘Deepening the relaxation experience in the yoga postures’
for intermediate practitioners  


Kids' class 

4.15pm Introduction to vegetarian cooking and cooking demonstration
4.15pm Introduction to meditation
5:00pm Vegetarian snack and information about yoga vacations and
Yoga Teachers’ Training Courses 
6:00pm Puja (Indian Temple Ceremony for world peace) with an Indian priest
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