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  At the London Centre - Residential and non residential options available!
 The London Centre offers Certificate Courses to help deepen your Yoga practice!
The London Centre offers the possibility of experiencing yoga as a lifestyle through Certificate Courses. Especially when taken on a residential basis it offers an opportunity to develop a deep and dynamic practice of all aspects of yoga under the guidance of experienced teachers. It blends the stimulating company of sincere yoga practitioners with the warm and nurturing energy of a spiritual community… all this just a few minutes from the River Thames!

The Certificate Courses in London

These certificate courses are open to all yoga practitioners and are especially well suited for yoga teachers and people in the health professions. The goal is to transfer these integral personal experiences and the knowledge gained into our daily and professional lives.

The courses will follow the daily schedule of the Sivananda Ashrams:
Yoga classes, Satsangs (group meditation), in-depth workshops, vegetarian meals and participation in the Ashram community life. There will be time to relax, go for walks along the river or visit London for those coming from abroad.

Students enrolled for the course are required to participate in all activities and follow the yogic lifestyle taught at the Centre. Yoga is based on self discipline (Sadhana). It is this discipline that allows one to experience the full benefits of the course while helping to maintain the spiritual energy of the Centre.
Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate of participation stipulating the number of practice/study hours in the course.


The Certificate Courses in London

Saturday 4 February -

Wednesday 8 February, 2017


Arrival: Saturday 4 February around noon

Departure: Thursday 9 February around 8am

The Power of Hatha Yoga

Connecting to the source of power within

With Kailas


Hatha Yoga is the union of the 2 energies of the bodies, prana and apana, resulting in a unified field of consciousness in which complete peace is experienced. Its goal is the actualisation of the human energy potential which will bring about a complete rejuvenation and refinement of the body and the mind. It is based on the understanding that prana, the vital life force, is the invisible principle which is the essence of everything in the universe, including our body and mind. 

Asanas work on many body systems simultaneously, creating suppleness in the spine and toning the muscles, glands and internal organs. Though at first it will be the physical experience of the postures that affects you most strongly, as you progress you will grow more and more aware ofthe flow of prana, the vital energy, and the importance of correct breathing - pranayama. 

The course will enable you to experience and understand the depth of hatha yoga, and refresh your approach to your asana, pranayama and meditation practice. 



Kailas is a dynamic Sivananda yoga teacher with much energy and enthusiasm to serve. He is the practical manager of the Ashram de Yoga Sivananda in France. He used to be a professional basket ball player which gave him a strong physical basis and discipline for his yoga practice. He teaches in the Sivananda Yoga and Teachers' Training Courses in France and in India with enthusiasm and much  

attention to details. 


Early Bird reduction: 10% reduction on all residential course inscriptions and on single workshops if full payment is received before the 5th of December. 


Saturday 4 February 
1.30pm Workshop Introduction to Hatha Yoga
4pm Asana class Breath, prana and vitality 
6pm Satsang Bhakti - bringing sweetness to life 

Sunday 5 February
1.30pm Workshop Step by step improving flexibility and strength 
4pm Asana class Stretching and strengthening the muscles
6pm Satsang The vision of Swamiji for the True World Order


Monday 6 February
1.30pm Workshop Deepening one's understanding of asanas and their physical and mental benefits.
4pm Asana class Asanas, powerful tools to rejuvenate the body
8pm Satsang The art of well being

Tuesday 7 February   
1.30pm Workshop Deepening one's understanding of asanas and their physical and mental benefits II
4pm Asana class Meditative class with prolonged holding 
8pm Silent meditative walk

Wednesday 8 February 
1.30pm Workshop Pranayama, the science of breath 
4pm Asana class with extended pranayama practice 
8pm Satsang Chanting to open the heart


Course textbook: Your Home Practice Companion 


Non-residential programme
Full day programme: £50      


Workshop only : £25

Residential programme
(includes course and accommodation):
Shared (4 - 8 persons): £350
Double (2 persons): £445


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